Wednesday, May 06, 2009

On-site Sales Bills Alive Again!

Unfortunately I missed the meeting, but I see on the Capitol website that state Rep. Jessica Farrar (pictured) made another, and this time successful, push for her bill allowing on-site sales for Texas microbreweries. Her House Bill 2094 was reported out of the Licensing & Administrative Procedures committee yesterday on a 5-2 vote. The bill was amended, but I haven't learned what the changes are yet.

UPDATE: Even though the bill's out of committee, don't get your hopes up. Now it has to get through the Calendars committee, onto the House floor, and then repeat the process through the Senate, and ultimately get the approval of Gov. Perry. This late in the session (the Legislature adjourns June 1, and doesn't return to regular session until 2011), that's a pretty tall order. I just spoke with Farrar on the House floor, and she said, "It's on life support." As she noted, "Sometimes it takes several sessions to get a law passed."

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Jeffrey said...

I noticed that Rep. Geren, who said he would "probably" vote for the bill voted against it. Big surprise there. And he is also on the calendar committee. So that's one vote against it already.