Sunday, May 25, 2008

Last Night for Showdown

I was just at Showdown. I knew they were closing soon, but I didn't realize that TONIGHT (Sunday) IS THE LAST NIGHT. If you want one more trip down memory lane, you better get there before midnight.


Anonymous said...

I weep. Po, Alan and Pod made it there a couple of weekends ago. Alas, I only have my faded memories.

- Milena

a beer sort of girl said...

Nothing on Showdown, not having a clue, but in response to your Saucer query:

I didn't really find them to be "naughty" school girl outfits. More cute than skeevy, I guess, the with skirts and tall socks. But I also ended up knowing one of the servers, and seen her squeezed into far less adorable outfits, so who knows what others think. LOL

Lee said...

Yeah, I have mixed emotions on the Saucer waitresses. Yes, I scope out cute women (which sometimes gets me a sharp jab in the ribs if my wife is sitting right next to me), but at the same time, their outfits seem a bit gratuitous. I'm just not sure the Hooters element is necessary.

Machuca said...

We stopped in for my first and last time last week. Obviously being new to the city, I do not have any strong feelings either way. I do hate to see local joints closing though and I wish the option were still available.

Po said...

"Big A", Pod, and I went to the Showdown a couple of weeks ago as sort of a "last night" thing. Took a lot of pictures.

As we were leaving we entertained the idea of coming back again before it was gone for good. I think, though, that we knew we'd never come back and that the suggestion was merely a stunt to help us deny the finality of it all.

BTW--when is the auction?

Lee said...

I don't know about an auction. Perhaps it was that night. They had a bunch of equipment laid out on a table.