Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Any Philly readers out there?

If so, pony up some money for The Greatest Beers of the World, a fundraiser for the American Red Cross. A friend of mine up there is a co-chair of the event, and the keynote speaker is from Victory Brewing Co., one of America's best breweries (in fact, I was drinking a bottle of their Hop Wallop just last night). The info promises a sampling of up to 100 brands of beer! (I'm sure "up to" is the key phrase there – I'd be needing some help from the Red Cross if I tried to sample that many in just one night.)

As I've also said about organic beer: Anything that simultaneously lets you drink beer and make the world a better place IS GOOD. So go do it!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us Philly folks in the loop. Making the world a better place just by drinking a cold one - what a beautiful thing.

Anonymous said...

Great event for a worthy cause! Last year, we got to meet Fritz Maytag of Anchor Steam. One of the raffle items is a "Brewmaster for the Day" at Victory. If we win and you make it to Philly you're it.

Lee said...

Ooohhh, I think I'd have to taste many, many samples of Victory to make sure the taste was just right. :-)