Thursday, April 12, 2007

When your heroes let you down

The Beer Snob took a kick in the gut last night. As some of you know, I'm not only a fan of beer, I'm also a huge fan of track & field (I still hold the mile and two-mile records at Rockdale High School … I'll pause for just a minute and give you time to absorb the magnificence of that accomplishment and get over your awe … and ran one highly undistinguished season for the Texas Longhorns). And one of my contemporaries on the track scene was one Michael Johnson, who went on to a much more noteworthy career than I, including Olympic gold medals and world records. So last night, I turn on the television, and there is MJ in a commercial … hawking Coors Light.

Oh, the shame. Michael, I expect retired athletes to do beer commercials, but did you have sink that low? Seriously, that is some really nasty swill you're promoting there, man. Please — tell me you secretly keep a stash of Sierra Nevada in your basement fridge, when the TV cameras aren't around to catch you.

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