Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A whole movie about beer? Woo-hoo!

Here's a don't-miss for the microbrew lover: American Beer, a documentary about and ode to our nation's passionate independent brewers, which will be showing at the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown May 15 (7pm) and May 16 (9:45pm). And of course, the Alamo – the greatest movie theatre in America – will be serving samples of each of the brews served in the movie. I repeat: Woo-hoo! Go here to buy tickets and read a description of the movie and a list of the featured beers.


Bill Shirley said...

They're likely doing that in Houston, but. . . I'll miss it.

Alamo Drafthouse in Houston, unlike the great one there, decided to built iteself in the super-suburbs. Imagine if it was in far West Austin there. It would make it much less cool, much less convenient.

Such is how they failed in Houston.

Lee said...

Important thing to remember about the Alamo Drafthouses is that only the Downtown, South Lamar, and Anderson Village locations are owned by the founders. Any others you see are franchises, so the decision on where to locate would have been made by the individual franchise owner.

Lee said...

Just bought my ticket for the Monday showing! Anybody wanna join me?

(Warning: They say the beers will be served 4oz at a time. Multiplied by 15 beers, that comes out to a five-pack in an hour and a half, so plan your trip home carefully. I'm taking the bus myself, and perhaps thinking I shouldn't drink the full sample.)

Lee said...

Um, that Monday MAY 15, not this Monday.