Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout

Drinking at work again. (It's okay, I'm just waiting for page PDFs to come back, so I can do a quick scan and then sign my initials to them. A trained monkey could cover for me after 5:30 on most Wednesdays.) And I'm very much enjoying yet another Samuel Smith's stout – this time, their Imperial Stout. (See "In a stout place" for a review of their Oatmeal Stout.) And we have yet another winner. Gawd this is satisfying. So robust! This is a manly brew. The bottle says "Contractors to Her Majesty's forces," and this is certainly a beer worthy of the soldiers that conquered half the globe. Chewy. Heavy. Just perfect for winter drinking (yes, it's spring now, but for some reason my office is always slightly colder than places where they breed reindeer) – this jet-black brew has an edgy, coffee-ish tone, and in a way serves the same function: It sinks to the bottom of your belly and slowly starts warming you up from the inside, fending off the brutal elements (in this case, an overactive air conditioner).

Mmmm. I'm in a happy place. This would only be better if I were drinking it in a London pub. Well, I am eating this with stuffed cabbage and mashed potatoes. That sounds like something they would eat in England, doesn't it?

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