Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A chance for the Texas Lege to do something smart

Apparently that dumb idea by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission to go hunting for and arrest drunks in bars (see two posts down) isn't going over so well. Hopefully the Texas Legislature will slap this stupid idea down and put the TABC on a leash. Now I'm completely against drunk driving, but many of the TABC arrests were made inside hotel bars! What did they think the drunks were going to do, run over somebody on their way to the hotel elevator back to their room? It's been obvious for years that the point of the TABC is not to regulate drinking, but to end it. That's why a friend of mine says TABC stands for "Texas Association of Baptist Churches." That joke always just pisses me off every time I try to buy beer on Sunday morning and am reminded that … oh yeah, I can't, because of our stupid blue laws.

My buddy Dave Thomas has also blogged about this madness here and here.

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