Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Volunteer for Texas Craft Brewers Festival

The Texas Craft Brewers Festival (which I heartily endorse) is coming up next month. Open the Taps (the political arm of the Texas craft beer community) passes along this message from the Festival:

Hello Open The Taps Supporter!

The Young Men's Business League and the Texas Craft Brewers Guild are reaching out to you as supporters of Texas Craft Beer.  The 2013 Texas Craft Brewers Festival will be held on Saturday, September 28th at Fiesta Gardens in downtown Austin. This is the original Texas-only craft beer festival and we will feature 40 Texas breweries this year. We are looking for many volunteers for our event and know you will be a huge help with this task.  We need everything from beer pourers to merchandise sales to volunteer check in and more.  Please consider volunteering for the Festival and visit the Texas Craft Brewers Festival volunteer page.  The sign-up form can be found here:
As a volunteer, you will receive entry into the Festival as well as a Festival t-shirt.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Please email
Thanks for your support of Texas Craft Beer.
Kristin Jacobson
Texas Craft Brewers Festival Volunteer Coordinator
Charles Vallhonrat
Executive Director, Texas Craft Brewers Guild


Anonymous said...

saw your article in the Current. If you want to try a beer outside of the King William District, try the "Dodging Duck" on River Road in Boerne. Great beer, staff, and customers.

xochitl said...

if you want to try a beer outside of the King William District, try the Dodging Duck on River Road in Boerne, TX.

xochitl said...

I can't seem to get your text letters correct. So you may or may not have already received the following. My last try.

Go to Dodging Duck on River Road in Boerne. Great beer, staff and customers.

Lee said...

Hey thanks! And you're way more polite than the guy that left a reply on the Current's page. :-)

In fact, I've been to the Dodging Duck and really liked it, but I appreciate the tip nonetheless. If you have any others, definitely throw them my way.