Friday, July 17, 2009

Drink Beer, Support Education

Just got this message below. Pass the word:
On Saturday, July 18th, Clementine Coffee (2200 Manor Rd - owned by the same folks as Thunderbird) will be hosting a beer-tasting in support of our local Open Door Preschool. Your ticket will get you generous beer samples from Austin's best local brewers--including Live Oak, (512) Brewery, Independence Brewing, and Real Ale--and snacks from Eastside Cafe, Galaxy Cafe, and Eastside Pies, and the usual wide selection of Clementine Beers.

Open sampling begins at 3:00 and each attending brewery will hold a brief information session starting at 5:00. So if you're a homebrewer, a hophead, or just a plain ol' beer lover, you'll definitely want to be a part of it.

Later that evening, local blues favorites Bankrupt and the Borrowers and alt-country outfit Frank Smith will be playing live at Clementine. This is Bankrupt's welcome-home show after their long tour across the country, so you know they'll be playing WITH VIGOR.

Tickets are $15 and can be purchased on site.


The Open Door was established in 1975 when a family sought to offer a program which integrates developmentally challenged children into a quality child care setting. Their basic tenets hold that segregation of children with disabilities is as harmful to the child and to the society as a whole as is segregation by race, age, color, religion, or sex; that people benefit from interaction with others who are different from themselves; and that through working and playing in a setting in which each person is valued for his or her strengths, children learn to value different ideas, cultures and people.

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