Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama Leads Among Beer Drinkers

Back in August I mentioned the Flying Saucer's gimmick to sell pint glasses, a contest to see whether Obama or McCain glasses would sell better.

The results are in! Sez their PR person:

Barack Obama continues to lead overall with 12,993 votes (56%) to John McCain’s 10,261 (44%). Obama also continues to lead in Austin with 1,160 votes to McCain’s 502. All the up-to-date poll results are available at www.beerknurd.com and clicking on the Presidential Poll icon.


Po said...

What were you drinking when Obama made history?

I was sipping at a Rio Blanco Pale Ale.

God Bless America!

Lee said...

I've had Dos Equis and Shiner Bock tonight.

Anonymous said...

A couple of Coronas, then a champagne toast with my wife at the victory announcement!

(I'm still recovering from my sinful Wurstfest outing last night).

Wow! What a very special night!

(How 'bout those beamed in holograms on CNN!)

Lee said...

Pete, I'm so happy there's a Democrat in Comal County. I know you must be lonely.

assurbanipaul said...

FWIW, McCain glass sales lead Obama sales by about 20% up until election week. Some recent national press coverage of this glass-vote may have packed the ballot box last minute.

Lee said...

Not here in Austin it didn't. Our Flying Saucer is sandwiched between some of the most liberal neighborhoods in all of Texas.