Thursday, December 06, 2007

Y'all Are Some Sick Fucks

So a few days ago, I made a post featuring a photo of an allegedly pregnant supermodel with a nonalcoholic beer. I thought it was innocuous enough, but it has made my hits explode through the roof! I made the posting on Nov. 26; it apparently got discovered by the world at large on Dec. 3, when I Love Beer reached what I believe is an all-time record of 233 hits (about double my previous record), followed by 128 the next day, 210 the day after that, and 190 so far today.

I assumed that some popular site had linked to me, but Sitemeter shows no links to such a page. I looked up the references (how people found the page) and every one of them apparently came off of a Google image search. I couldn't decipher what search terms people are using, but I did my own search on the words "pregnant chick beer" and saw my site came up as the top result. (Although I just did another search, and now I don't see my site at all.)

So WTF? Why are you freaks searching for pictures of pregnant chicks drinking beer? Sickos.

UPDATE on 12/14/07: Man, this is crazy. Breaking 100 hits in a day used to be a rarity, but I've topped 200 seven times since this began. The 112 I had yesterday is the lowest it has been in the past 11 days. Most crazy of all: My previous best month was 2,130 in October; I'm now at 2,294 for this month, and December isn't even half over! So I guess the moral of this story is: put pictures of naked or semi-naked chicks on your blog if you want to drive up traffic. Or post something about Keira Knightly's jaw.


mikituba said...

Actually I came across this picture doing a google image search for "beer" and you see the picture and not the caption and being curious you click on it. I thought it was a very poorly thought out beer add. But then I realized after blowing the picture up that it was just a brilliant idea to allow pregnant women drink they're ever so desired amber.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lee, you're the one that posted the pic. The rest of us just enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

"irish porn" and "jamie wright" are consistently in the top 10 of my search referrals each month. Beer and women/nudity/porn are great link bait.