Tuesday, March 14, 2006

In a stout place

I enjoyed that St. Peter's so much I decided I needed another stout at home. I debated trying something new, but finally decided to play it safe – if Samuel Smith's has made a beer I don't like, I haven't tasted it yet. Their Oatmeal Stout has a big, round flavor. Just burnt enough to feel really satisfying, without going overboard on the bitterness. I didn't even bother chilling it – just took it straight off the HEB shelf and took it straight home and poured at room temperature. And you know what, I think I prefer it that way. You get a lot more of the complexity of the flavor when the cold isn't deadening your tastebuds. If I had to name my favorite British brewery, it would be a tough call between Samuel Smith's and Young's.

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