Thursday, December 01, 2011

Saint Arnold Scavenger Hunt

Sorry, I've been neglecting the blog while I was job-hunting (I lost my full-time gig at The Austin Chronicle back in August) and I might neglect it some more while I adjust to my new job (I just got hired by a state Senator to be her communications director), so I just wanted to offer this quick hit: Saint Arnold's Austin Scavenger Hunt wraps up this weekend. Details here.


W5SMP said...
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Steven Polunsky said...

Now, where did I read "Normally, I wouldn't wish sitting through a committee hearing of the Texas Legislature on my own worst enemy...."? Welcome, and enjoy!
Steven P.

Anonymous said...

We were saddened in August to learn that the Chronicle was losing a voice who has been a good friend to craft beer. We are heartened now to find that you will be moving on to the legislature where we have too few friends.
Cheers and best of luck,
Chris and your friends at Live Oak

Lee said...

Thanks, Chris. At the moment, I still intend to write about beer for the Chronicle's food section on a freelance basis, but obviously, I wouldn't cover the craft beer industry's legislative battles for obvious conflict-of-interest reasons.