Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Market-Based Drinking

An odd little press release from Kung Fu Saloon:
More than 100 beers, fluctuating prices

(Austin, Texas) The owners of Kung Fu Saloon, one of Austin’s most popular bars, are proud to announce the first bar in Austin where prices fluctuate based upon supply and demand.

The commodity for sale: more than 100 different brews.

“The stock market pricing based upon "supply & demand" will be a first in Austin and will bring a new and engaging experience to the customer on West 6th Street,” said Managing Partner, Chris Horne.

The majority of available beers, 72, will be an assortment of rotating draughts from around the world whose prices will constantly be riding the market.

“Selections that are selling will increase in price, and those that aren't will go down. We think this creates a unique social experience that goes beyond just having a drink," Horne said.

The Brew Exchange market will go through volatility seen in the real world. There will be "market crashes" where all of the prices drop to rock bottom and “reverse markets" where there's an inverse relationship between supply & demand.

Customers will be able to watch the “Brew Exchange Market” in real time on a 62 foot long, ‘60s style stock ticker while relaxing in an architecturally unique and stimulating surroundings designed by Jamie Chioco.

Like its sister bar, Kung Fu Saloon, the Brew Exchange will give back generously to the community we too call home. In September Kung Fu Saloon with the help of their customers donated $5,000 to the American Red Cross to help the victims of the Bastrop Complex fires.

“We strive to find new and unique ways that we and our customers can help give back to the community that has given us so much,” Horne said.

Opening Bell December 2011. Buy Low, Drink Up.

Brew Exchange is a business venture of five friends who have all called Austin home for decades. They also own and operate Kung Fu Saloon in Austin, Houston and soon their third installation in Dallas.


Bill Shirley said...

"a new and engaging experience to the customer"

yes, being jerked around while you're trying to relax and have a beer - new and engaging

Michigan Beer said...

Hi,does that mean the prices of beers in that bar in Austin will depend on the movement of the market pricing?