Thursday, February 24, 2011

Austin Chronicle Beer Articles Today

Hello loyal readers, please note that today's issue of The Austin Chronicle has a pair of beer related articles by me:
  • In the Food section is my monthly-or-so "Beer Flights" column with quick hits of Austin and Texas beer news.
  • In the News section is my look at House Bills 602 and 660 in the Texas Legislature, both of which would greatly benefit Texas craft brewers if passed.
Also, strictly on the Chronicle website:
  • Late last night, I made a post to our news blog with updates, particularly regarding 660, that broke too late for me to get into the print edition. Brewers think they may have struck a compromise with at least some distributors that might help 660 get passed. (Of course, even if it does pass, good luck getting past the veto pen of Gov. Rick Perry, the former employer of Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas president Mike McKinney.)

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Bill Night said...

What? Perry wants to legislate winners and losers? That's not very conservative, I hope the tea party gets after him (rimshot!).