Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jester King Photo Gallery

The Jester King Brewery grand opening party was an absolute blast — great music, great people, cool vintage cars, good food, and of course, excellent beer enjoyed under perfect weather on the really fantastic Hill Country ranch that hosts Central Texas' newest brewery. (Wow, do you think I could have squeezed any more superlatives into that sentence?)

Best of all, it gave me a chance to show off the super-duper mind-blowingly awesome hops-decorated western shirt that Pub Knight and Todd gave me for Christmas.

If you couldn't attend, then please live vicariously through me by checking out this photo gallery I posted to Facebook (you don't have to be a Facebook member to view it).

My thoughts on the beer:

Wytchmaker Rye IPA: I love this beer. The strong hop punch you expect from a good American IPA, but blunted by the mellow rye.

Commercial Suicide Dark Mild: I still can't decide if I like milds. This was okay, but definitely my least favorite brew. It's not a knock against the brewer, but the style (I'm also not crazy about Guy Smiley Mild at Draught House either, and I love Draught House's brews). I'm not sure if I had the regular or whiskey barrel aged version. Sorry, I'm a bad journalist.

Boxer’s Revenge Farmhouse Provision Ale: More sour than what I expected from a saison, but fortunately, I've really learned to appreciate sour beers recently. My buddy bill thought he detected orange peel in the flavor.

Black Metal Imperial Stout:
Without question my favorite beer of the day. I loves me a good imperial stout, and this was done to perfection. Gorgeous coffee and chocolate notes, and served a the perfect temperature (just barely cooled, not cold).

Start looking for Jester King in the bars and stores. These guys are definitely ready for prime time. And go visit them if you get a chance.


Chance said...

Yup I saw that shirt out there in the sea of people. It was pretty awesome and I was happy with the Boxers Revenge thought it was perfect for hot january day.

Matt Abendschein said...

I really wish I could've gone. I'm glad there was a good turnout, and I'm glad Boxer's Revenge was good too...can't wait to try it.