Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's Oktoberfest Time

Yes! It's that wonderful time of year when the heat finally breaks (which here in Texas only means it drops into the high 80s) and all the breweries start putting out Märzenbiers and other fall seasonals. And best of all, it's party time – every year about now, hits on this blog go way up with people searching for Oktoberfest events in the Austin area.

This year, rather than compile them here, I wrote them up as a cover story for The Austin Chronicle. Please go check it out – I hope it helps you get your oompah on.

Update: At the urging of my friends Clark and Milena, I got off my lazy butt and made it up to Walburg this past Saturday. A little video here.


Anonymous said...

Great headline, great article. Ein bier dunkel, bitte. EJ

Frank M said...

Very nice comments Lee! Thanks for the mention! I need some sausage now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee, here's one Octoberfest party that you definitely need to check out next year, just down the road in San Antonio, and they've been doing it a long time too. We had a great time, the German beer is served at just the right temp, the brats & potato pancakes are hot, and the desserts go great with beer:

Lee said...

Thanks for the tip!