Monday, February 08, 2010

I Believe in Superstitions

It's been a policy of mine for a while now that, whenever I'm watching a sports event, I only drink beer local to whatever team I'm rooting for. Which means a lot of Texas beers, since I'm primarily a Longhorn fan, and Boulevard whenever I'm cheering for my wife's Mizzou Tigers.

This weekend, I started to think there might really be something to this. Saturday was that rare occasion when I actually had no Texas beer in my fridge, and instead I drank some Breckenridge Lucky U IPA while watching the 'Horns basketball team play a pretty weak Oklahoma Sooners team. The Lucky U was anything but, and my team suffered an embarrassing loss.

Then, last night, I exercised what was surely some bad party etiquette and eschewed the small North by Northwest keg available in favor of the Abita Turbo Dog and Jockamo IPA I brought – and by god, the most hapless franchise in the NFL actually won the Super Bowl. Congratulations, Saints! (I wanted some of their Mardi Gras Bock, which I've been loving lately, but it seems Saints Fever wiped out local supplies.)

Tonight, the Longhorns try to get back on track against the Jayhawks. Hopefully, finishing off that keg of NXNW Py Jingo will help. (And since I guess Boulevard could technically be considered as much a Jayhawk beer as Mizzou beer, I'll be staying away from that.)


Bill Night said...

What the hell were you drinking when UT lost to Alabama?

The American Don said...

too bad i can't find beer from florida

Lee said...

Bill, I was drinking fine brew from Uncle Billy's, and you could look at it two ways: Beer fail, total disaster when Colt got injured, or beer success – Colt got injured and yet we damn near won that game.

Further evidence that my superstition is real: UT basketball has gone into a slump, losing 5 of their last 7. I can't remember what I was drinking on the first loss, but on the second (Connecticut) I was watching a track meet in College Station, not drinking Texas beer. Ditto for the next weekend against Baylor. And as I said, no Texas beer for that embarrassing loss to OU.

And then last night, that loser Nosregref didn't bring the NXNW keg over to Bob's house like he promised, and we had to drink Broken Halo. A fine beer, but not Texan, and the result was a disastrous loss to Kansas.

I just ran to Central Market and got some Shiner Frost, Shiner 101, and Southern Star Pine Belt Pale. Time to bring this slide to an end.

Bill Night said...

Hmm... if you were drinking Uncle Billy's beer, maybe it's the Red Stripe I was drinking in Jamaica that injured Colt.