Friday, October 30, 2009

A Sad Sight

Look and weep, northwest Austinites. This is all that remains of the once-mighty beer selection at Grape Vine Market's Austin location, which is closing soon. There's still some good Belgian stuff available, if you get down there, including a whole bunch of Grotten Brown from the Pierre Celis Collection. (The liquor pickings are pretty much gone, though. All that's left in the whiskey section is either undrinkable swill or stuff too expensive for me, even on sale.) All beer is 15% off, liquor 25%, wine 30%. I'm gonna miss this place.


Bill Shirley said...

on the plus side, perhaps the Belgian will go on Super Fire Sale soon?

Lee said...

More likely they'll box it up and ship it to their Round Rock location.

Beer Blokes said...

G'Day Lee,
Is the closure due to lack of support or competition from other retailers or ???
Prof. Pilsner

Lee said...

Professor: Combination of factors. They came under new management, although the changes didn't seem to be huge, and they got competition from Spec's, a very aggressive chain that moved in from Houston, and it was in a rather poor location, kind of hidden away from the major thoroughfares.

Jim said...

I hate to see a good store go to seed. I would have probably picked up that Long Trail Double Bag in the last picture, but it would make me feel like a vulture!