Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cask-conditioned competition tonight

Actually, not completely in competition – you could possibly do both if you were motivated enough, but I'm not.

At 6pm, Zax Pints and Plates (Barton Springs & Riverside) will tap a cask of Saint Arnold Christmas Ale, which has my mouth watering just thinking about it. This has become one of my very favorite holiday beers, so the thought of getting a cask-conditioned version makes my mind explode. But the thought of driving or even taking the bus downtown during rush hour is unappealing. Perhaps if I worked downtown.

But at 8pm, North by Northwest will tap a cask of porter, so I think I'll be doing that instead. Note that this is a week earlier than their usual last-Wednesday-of-the-month cask-conditioned night, and it's an hour later than usual.


Prof. Pilsner said...

G'day Lee, Peter from Melbourne, Australia (a.k.a. Professor Pilsner, Haven't been into this blogging business for as long as you and beer girl, but certainly have been 'beering' for a long time!

Love both your blogs - I discovered yours today via beergirls'- and it has inspired me to pen a few posts based on the American craft brew scene and some of the subjects you've covered. Hope you guys over there appreciate the wealth of decent craft beer available to you. We have it good in Australia, but with such a small comparative population, we have a lot less choice and many unfortunately fold or are gobbled up by the big brewers.
Look forward to reading and learning more - who says beer can't be educational? - in the future.
P.S. Would you mind if we added your blog to our friends list?

Lee said...

Howdy Peter, welcome aboard the beer blogging scene! I also discovered your post through beergirl, after you left a comment there. I've always wanted to visit Australia – good to know I can get more than Foster's there. Yes, please add me to your list.