Monday, August 20, 2007

Live, on-location blogging!

At this very moment, I'm making my first visit to Uncle Billy's Brew and Que on Barton Springs Road. Probably not the best idea for me to be drinking while I'm working, but I had to drop the kiddo off downtown at her day camp, Uncle Billy's has wireless, and I needed lunch. (I recently changed jobs at the Chronicle from assistant news editor to staff writer, and now work from home. Or elsewhere, if the circumstances require, and I decided the environmentally responsible thing to do instead of driving all the way downtown, home again, and then back again at 5 to pick her up, would be to just hang down here all day. So for today, my office is a barbecue joint.)

I like it. The brisket sandwich I'm having is great. The Uncle Billy's IPA I'm having is solid, if unspectacular. Definitely good enough for the moment, and a refreshing change from the endless string of coffee shops I've been working at lately. And at 3pm, it's deserted enough in here that I can actually concentrate on my job, and since it's right near Barton Springs, I was able to squeeze in a workout, as well.

Uncle Billy's also serves Back 40 Blonde, Haystack Hefeweizen, Uncle Billy's Amber, Ax Handle Pale Ale, and their current seasonal brew is a coffee stout (I'm not sure that summer is exactly the proper season for a coffee stout, but that's the brewmaster's prerogative, I guess). I think I'll definitely be coming back.


Bookhart said...

This is one of Pod's favorite new places for barbecue and beer.

Alan said...

I had their amber and thought it was great. The ribs with the habanero sauce were also most recommendable. Look forward to another visit....