Friday, June 29, 2007

My 2nd-favorite drinking song

Following up on my post about one of my most beloved Willie Nelson songs, this is my next-favorite drinking song, and it's specifically about beer. It's by one of Willie's great friends and mentors, Bob Wills, and, although Willie performs a fine version himself on the Shotgun Willie album, the classic version is performed by Wills' Texas Playboys with the immortal Tommy Duncan on vocals:

"Bubbles in My Beer"
Tonight in a bar alone I'm sitting
Apart from the laughter and the cheers
While scenes from the past, rise before me
Just watchin' the bubbles in my beer

A vision of someone who loved me
Brings a lone silent tear to my eye
Oh! I know that my life's been a failure
Just watchin' the bubbles in my beer

I'm seeing a road that I've traveled
A road paved with heartaches and tears
And I'm seeing the past, that I've wasted
While watchin' the bubbles in my beer

As I think of the heart that I've broken
And of the golden chances that have passed me by
And the dreams that I made, now are empty
As empty as the bubbles in my beer


Linda said...

I love that song, too. I believe it's written by Cindy Walker, however.

Nice blog!

Lee said...

Thanks! And yes, you're absolutely right, Cindy Walker wrote it. I guess it's better to say Wills popularized it.

Mags said...

How about "They try to make me go to rehab, I say no, no, no!"

a beer sort of girl said...

Love me some Willy.