Wednesday, June 27, 2007

'Big Beers' Are Back!

And heaven help me, because it didn't go so well for me last time.

Dang, I'd love to go again, although I've been spending a bit much lately. Ah hell, I always say that, but then I do it anyway. Maybe Nosregref wants to go this time. And maybe this time I'll stifle my bright idea to continue drinking afterward at the Draught House and won't end up puking. (Again: Ah hell, I always say that, but then I do it anyway.)

In the unlikely event you live in Austin and don't know where Central Market North is, go to their website and register for the "class" here.

Here's the details:

THU. , JULY 5, 6:30 – 9 PM
Greg “The Beer Guy” Willis,
CM Beer Expert
We’ve found the biggest, full-flavored beers of the season and will pair them with bold party fare to shock your palate into submission. Join “the beer guy” for this special malt-and-hops tour de force. $50

Hold me. I'm afraid.

UPDATE: Okay, I'm going, along with Nosregref and Lance. Oh well, so much for the being broke part. Now, about the puking …

Karla, wish you could join us – affairs like this almost always need more estrogen.

ONE MORE EDIT: I feel compelled to say, based on my previous experience: taking mass transit or a cab home from this event is not a bad idea.


Karla said...

any beer related stuff happening when I will be in town?

Bill said...

Lee, I'm actually pretty sure I can make that.

Karla, when are you going to be in town?

Lee said...

I don't know of anything, but hey: it's pretty easy to manufacture your own "beer event" in this town.