Thursday, February 08, 2007

Report on the new Opal Divine's

From our Lake Travis correspondent, although he's reporting from far North Austin. Maybe since it is oddly called the "Marina" location, he thought he was near his house:

OK, so I went with Lance and the Visa crew to the new Opal Divine's today. I ended up talking to the owner for a little bit, the guy that used to be a bartender at Dog and Duck. Anyways, this is what he had to say.

1. Their GM is John, the old GM from the downtown location, and our old Showdown bartender.

2. This incarnation of Opal's is going to be probably the only one that does more sales in food than in liquor. They plan to have any other openings be more like casual restaurants rather than a bar.

3. There's free wireless access for those of us with laptops wanting to ditch work early and drink beer.

4. They aren't using all the taps available yet, so he said if we wanted to see them bring in any specific beer he would check into it. They have most of the decent standbys like Sierra Nevada and Guinness already, plus 4 Live Oaks, and all the Independence beers. Probably don't need much else.

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