Monday, January 15, 2007

Icy Weather - BE PREPARED!

Icy weather has just blown into Austin, and it's expected to get even worse tomorrow. Weather like this can be very dangerous, folks — don't get caught unprepared, and make sure you're stocked up on emergency provisions. In weather like this, it's best to have plenty of high-alcohol holiday beers and "winter warmers" – such as the one pictured here – and maybe even a little whiskey in case of a severe emergency. Stock up NOW, while the roads are still somewhat drivable. The liquor stores might not even be open tomorrow!

We just got a press release here at the Chronicle from Austin EMS saying that in conditions like this, it's best to "refrain from alcohol." FUCK THAT. These people (hi Ken!) clearly do not understand what it's like to be cooped up in the house with the kids all day (probably because they're out running around on such days saving the butts of morons who don't listen to their more sensible advice to not drive around in this crap). The rest of us, however, need something to fortify our souls in such situations.

**EDIT: Regarding the pictured beer, Clark T sez: "Ahhh! I received a bottle of Santa's Butt for Christmas. I was skeptical at first, not because of the name but because so many microbreweries produce sort of ashy flavored beers the best aspect of which is their freshness. Let me say that 'Santa's Butt' is fine, fine, fine indeed. I savored every drop!"

**2nd EDIT: I had to go to HEB before coming home, not planning on getting any more beer, but Samuel Adams Double Bock (a favorite that I bet I haven't had in 10 years) was on sale for $6.49, about a $1.50 less than what it cost at Central Market. So I'm well stocked: I have that, St. Arnold's Winter Stout, and Avery Old Jubilation to keep me toasty.


Bill Shirley said...

The Weather Drones here in Houston have been spouting the same hubbub.

The low is supposed to be 32°F. That means not enough freeze to hurt much of anything. The next night is 34°F, so it will be cold for a while, not not deathly so.

Now what some people consider commuting distance to the north and west they may catch some of the nip. But my life revolves around me, so shut-up weather man.

Never fear, Lee. I have a Lump of Coal (and a furnace) to keep me warm.

Lee said...

Different story here: It's drizzling right now, everything is soaked, and it's already 29 degrees. I'll be lucky to safely make it off my porch in the morning, much less get to work.

Karla said...

Why d'ye think Norwegians drink so much? It's too cold to drive!