Monday, January 22, 2007

Giving up on the aging thing

So I was really excited to try aging some strong beer as I was considering a few weeks ago, but I decided I should give up on it. I stepped into my closet yesterday, where I was storing some Abt 12, and it (the closet) was warm. And humid. Not the atmosphere for aging. If I'm gonna do this, I should probably keep the closet no higher than 75 degrees, and I decided I'm just not willing to do it. Not with the kind of heat we have in Texas. Conservation-minded (and penny-pinching) guy that I am, I alway program my thermostat during our killer summers to go up into the 80s during the afternoon while we are at work/school, and even after we come home I never set them any lower than 76 (78 if I can stand it). And even then, my electricity bills are insanely high. And there is no way I'm keeping the AC down to 75 while we're on vacation. I'll set it just low enough to keep the cats from asphyxiating. (And if I find any more cat pee around my house, I may not evven be that charitable.) I'll leave it in the closet for while yet and see how cool the closet can stay. Perhaps it's well-insulated enough that it won't be too bad, but I suspect I'll throw in the towel and uncork this bottle by June.

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