Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Austin Beer Guide Summer Issue Out Thursday

Like clockwork, the new Austin Beer Guide comes out Thursday. Press release:

Austin Beer Guide Celebrates Release of Summer 2012 Issue at Billy's on Burnet with PATIO-BEER-MAGEDON!

AUSTIN, TX JUNE 28, 2012 - Those soggy bastards that brought you Austin Beer Guide Spring 2012, Winter 2011, Fall 2011, Summer 2011, and Spring 2011 are at it again, and this time it's Summer 2012!

With just barley breaking a sweat, these palate pirates have created what they believe to be the BEST GUIDE YET. In this action packed issue, our heros venture into the dark depths of Austin's dive bar culture, look into the future of packaged beer, agitate brewers for their wheat beer opinions, traverse the best and worst drinking holes of New Braunfels, spend some time with the brains and brawn behind Rogness Brewing, and check in on the mind of award winning brewer, Brian "Swifty" Peters. 

In light of this amazing feat, Austin Beer Guide invites their dear readers to celebrate in the release, nay birth, of the beautiful Summer 2012 issue with an abundance of beer, casked, kegged, and canned, on the patio of Billy's on Burnet, for what some have deemed "PATIO-BEER-MAGEDON!
On the evening of June 28th, at 7pm, Billy's will turn their patio and side parking lot into a spectacle of rare and special beers that may only be remotely imagined as the ancient Roman Colosseum, but with casks, kegs, and cans. Austin Beerworks will be debuting their Summer seasonal berliner weisse Eisenhorn, Hops & Grain are bringing out a keg of their Barelywine, a first of the Volumes of Oak series, Jester King will have a cask of their Drinkin' the Sunbelt Collaboration beer with Danish Gyspsy brewer Mikkeller, and Live Oak are bringing a cask so rare and mysterious,not even the Austin Beer Guide know what it will contain! 

And to show their readers how dear they are, any of these beers purchased will come with a collectible Austin Beer Guide #Brewmor Glass or BeerTownAustin 'Stache Glass. And that's not all! Those generous assholes have another freebie for their dear readers so radical it's not fit for print.

In summation:

  • Party on, Ted- June 28, 7pm at Billy’s on Burnet’s patio.
  • Patio-beer-magedon- Austin BeerworksHops & GrainJester King, and Live Oak will be pouring some pretty special casks and kegs on the patio. There will also be a nice selection of some of Texas’ finest beer in cans available. Purchase tokens inside, or pay cash outside, enjoy.
  • Freebies- Buy a patio beer, keep the ABG #Brewmor glass or BeerTownAustin ‘Stache Glass.
  • Summer Reading List- Be the first of your friends to get yr mits on the new guide. Awesome cover by Michael Siebennew features, some swear words, lots of pictures, and of course, that great guide content you’ve come to rely on.
  • Surprises- yeah, we’ve got more up our collective sleeves than this. Come next Thursday night to Billy’s to find out. Here’s a hint- it’s a hot way to keep it cool.

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