Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eola School Featured in Austin Chronicle

I'm not the only writer at The Austin Chronicle with a keen interest in beer. Eola School, the brewery and restaurant way out near San Angelo, was the subject of this week's "Day Trips" column. Read and enjoy. Damn, I still haven't made it out there, and not sure if I ever will now that the only person I knew in San Angelo no longer lives there. (Despite the column name, Eola is a bit more than what I consider a day trip from Austin – 185 miles away.)

Gerald didn't mention the eBay ad owner Mark Cannon (pictured) posted in November last year trying to sell the place. I'll try to find out the latest on that.

(Photo copyright Gerald E. McLeod – do not reproduce without his permission.)


Jeffrey said...

I spoke with Mark a few weeks ago. While he is always interested in selling the place, he's not actively pursuing it at the moment. I will be stopping by there next Friday, so I'll have a more detailed report then. See my blog. :)

joeyTWOwheels said...

I keep forgetting about this joint. U head to SA a few times a year as my in-laws live there. Need to stop next time. Thanks for the reminder.