Thursday, June 03, 2010

My Review of the Pour House Pub

There's a pretty decent, new (well, about six months new, I think) bar/restaurant in my neighborhood, the Pour House. My review of it from today's Austin Chronicle is here.


Ilya E. Feynberg said...


I'm trying to get a meet up group together that's all about Beer/pubs/brewery visits etc in Austin. I have about 7 people that are very excited about. I think we can arrange something and have some fun with this! Not to mention some exposure for your blog.

Email me back at:


P.S. Sorry for having to post a comment, I can't seem to find a contact page.

Lee said...

Ilya, such a group already exists:

Danielle Church said...

I would strongly not recommend going to this pub. Last night, after the restaurant was closed, we ordered pizza outside on the patio. Instead of telling us that this was against their policy, a waiter yelled at me, ripped the pizza out of my mouth and hand, and threw it on the floor. The manager supported the waiter's behavior.

I think that you should consider the policy and behavior of the manager and employees before going to this pub. The waiter and manager were very disrespectful, and frankly, upsetting. Please don't spend your money at such a place.