Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rail 'n' Ale Social

I've spent a great deal of my time at The Austin Chronicle over the past year spotlighting two great things coming to my neighborhood: Austin's new commuter rail line and Black Star Co-op Brewpub. Well, the former is now here, and the latter is coming. And in fact, they're coming to the exact same spot – the Crestview Station train stop is right outside the front door of where Black Star will be located (see photo).

For this first week of operations, the trains are free, and the afternoon trains arrive in Crestview between 3:10 and 7:01pm, so Black Star is celebrating with a Rail 'n' Ale Beer Social – from 4 to 7pm this Friday, March 26. Click on that link for more details.

(But remember: Chugging is for trains, not craft beer lovers.)


Matt said...

I'll be in Austin next week for a conference and will hopefully be headed to the Salt Lick in Driftwood for dinner on Monday night and was hoping you might be able to suggest a good Austin beer that I might be able to pick up at a store on my way to the restaurant.

Although I lived in Texas for a few years, I now live in KC and haven't had much exposure to the craft marketing in Austin. Thanks in advance.


Lee said...


Shiner Bock is the pretty typical standby, a decent enough beer, although I think the new 101 Pilsner is a better Shiner product. Both go pretty well with BBQ.

I'd also highly recommend the Real Ale Fireman's Four, a very good blonde ale.

Matt said...

I've done the Shiner thing quite a bit throughout the years, plus we get it up here in the Midwest, so I've done the 101 as well.

I got a sixer of Real Ale Brown Ale for Christmas from a friend who drove to KC from San Antonio and loved it. I'll be on the lookout for Fireman's Four next week!

Thanks for the tip

Lee said...

Matt, here is a roundup of Texas microbreweries I wrote a couple of years ago. Some of it is now outdated, but most of it is still current. And if you really get a chance to explore Texas, you might want to get a copy of "Beer Across Texas" by Travis Poling and Paul Hightower. Good little guidebook.

Anonymous said...

Shiner Bock is for damn sure, got myself a home beer making kit and loaded a bunch of 6-pack cases with this stuff for the beach. CAN'T go wrong.