Monday, July 06, 2009

Catching up: Russian River

Okay, time for me to start catching up with this blog. The Texas Legislature kept me too busy to blog, I've been neglecting it, and I've been seeing my Internet mistress (Facebook) on the side. My hits, which were once routinely above 150 per day, have fallen under 100. So let's kick-start this with a photo from my recent trip to California's Sonoma Valley, to celebrate Ms. Knoxious' 40th birthday and the 15 wedding anniversary of she and Bobnoxious.

Yes, Sonoma is wine country, but there are quite a few good breweries in the area, including Lagunitas and Bear Republic. I stopped in at Santa Rosa's Russian River brewpub, the beers of which we can't get here in Texas. So I loaded up some Pliny the Elder IPA in my bag and enjoyed a few at the bar with my personal photographer, Nosregref. It was awesome.


Jeffrey said...

I was there a couple of weeks ago for some Pliny, Sactification, and Mortification. For some reason they wouldn't let me move into the place. Every beer geek must go here.

Machuca said...

Hate you.

Lee said...

Their menu, if I recall correctly, was almost evenly divided between hoppy stuff and Belgian-style stuff. I also had something called "Bier de Sonoma," which was delicious.