Saturday, October 11, 2008

Celis Interview in Today's 'Statesman'

The Austin American-Statesman had a wonderful interview in today's edition with world-famous former Austin brewer Pierre Celis. The 83-year-old is now retired and living back in his native Belgium, but Statesman writer Brad Buchholz (and not, oddly enough, regular beer columnist Patrick Beach) caught up with him on one of his frequent return visits. Just in case you're not clear on why he's world-famous: He's the guy who revived the Hoegaarden's wit-style (white wheat) beer back in the Sixties. He then came to America and made a big mark in the Nineties on the Austin and American brew scenes with his own Celis label before financial realities forced him to sell out to Miller.

The article also gives a nice nod to Kevin Brand's new (512) Brewing, which models its Wit on Celis' version. It's worth your time to read it.

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