Monday, July 09, 2007

Report from Munich

Bret is in Europe right now, and had this to say:

Munich in one word: Beer
Munich in two words: Beer beer
Three words: Lots of beer

Seriously, I now realize that any serious beer drinker's life isn't complete without a visit here (except the Haufbrauhaus, which is German for "tourist trap"). How could it have taken me 40 years to figure that out?

And check out the retarded things I can do on this keyboard: öÖäÄߧµ

Off to Prague in the morning. Take care out there.

Prague is also an incredible beer town, with the advantage that half a liter of aweseome beer costs about $1.50. A little cheaper than Oslo. [Ed. note from Lee: Bret and I visited Oslo together back in 2003, and while it's a beautiful city, it's also ungodly expensive. A puny glass of beer there will cost you $7-$10. One glass! And not even a full pint! The Texpatriate can tell you all about it.]


Karla said...

We are going to Prague in October. October Fest was too expensive.

We figure, what we saved in not going to Munich, in the cheap flight and in the difference we would pay on beer here vs Prague would pay for the trip. So we got a bunch of friends together and we are all going on a Beer Pilgrimage.

Sort of like going to Shiner? But with different languages and Europeans and shit.

Hey is Bret gonna be around when I am in Austin?

Lee said...

Actually, not that much linguistic difference: remember, there are probably still a few Czech speakers living in Shiner. Last time I was there, one of the older brewery employees that I talked to had quite a strong hint of Czech accent.

I'm not aware of any Bret visits during your stretch. Send him an e-mail.