Monday, December 18, 2006

Antique beer for sale!

So a nice fellow from Britain sends me an e-mail today asking me if I'd be interested in buying some vintage bottles of beer from him. I'm assuming they're not still drinkable — I think the idea is to set them on the shelves and have your friends ooh and aah over them. Check out the pictures. I'd gladly do it if I had more disposable income, but given the financial wrestling I've had to do lately, I think I'd be better off spending my cash on beer I can actually drink. However, maybe I can tempt one of you with his offer.

His name is Rob Earnshaw, and his e-mail address is (posted long style so spammers can't scoop it up): robertearnshaw at btinternet dot com.

Here's what he e-mailed me:

Hi lee

I was reading your blog and thought you may be interested in this

I recently acquired 17 (full) bottles of antique beers from a relative. I thought that they may be appealing to you and your members.

Please email me back to find out more information, below I have listed the beers I acquired
17 bottles of antique beers, ales and lagers, spanning from 1953 to 1981,

mainly celebration beers.

1x Harvey's Elizabethan Ale, brewed in 1953,

1x Barclay's Russian Stout, brewed in 1966,

1x Banks imperial old ale, brewed in 1960's,

2x Gold Label, Barley Wine, brewed in 1960's

1x corked bottle of George Gale Prize old Ale, brewed in 1960's

2x St George Strong Ale, brewed specially for St Georges Taverns, 1960's.

3x George Gale Silver Jubilee Ale, brewed in 1977.

1x King & Barnes Jubilee Ale, brewed in 1977,

1x Courage Silver Jubilee Ale, brewed in 1977,

4x Ind Coope Strong Lager, brewed to celebrate the marriage of The Prince of Wales & Lady Diana Spencer, brewed in Wales in 1981

Also I have obtained a full working beautifully crafted beer pump, complete with ceramic fox hunting style handle, in a hardwood frame, roughly 50 years old, made by Gakell and Chambers Ltd.

Drop me an email if you are interested.


Rob Earnshaw

E-bay listing:

Or call him at 07707083674


jim harrell said...

Hi, I have an unopened bottle of budweiser beer. As near as i can tell it was bottled about 1910. For its age the paper label is in good shape along with the cap. It is a 12 oz bottle and as i said it is un-opened with most of its contents still in the bottle. Do you know how much this bottle may be worth? I can't find anything like it on ebay.

Lee said...

Well, my initial impulse was to say "Pour it out — it's worthless Budweiser (ha ha)," but an unopened 1910 bottle surely must be worth something. Unfortunately, I'm not the person who would know. I'd say put it up on eBay and you'll find out the value pretty quick.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I am hoping to get an idea as to its worth. If i put it up for sale i guess i would find out, but i really just wanted the information. Thanks anyway... J. For now I'll keep it on my antique shelf for now.

jim harrell said...

does anyone else (reading this site) have any info. on this 100 year old bottle of Budweiser? Any info. would be helpful. Thanks,,, Jim.

Anonymous said...

I have a bottle (unoppened) of the beer celabrating the marrige of Charles and Diana shown in the pictures above.

I have allways wondered if this was worth anything but have been unsucsessful in finding much information on the internet or anywhere else.

The label is in perfect condition, but the foil topping is slightly worn away in places.

Would anyone have any ideas on value or any sites that may speacilise in this sort of thing?

Many thanks, Dan

grahamparker100 said...

i have 24 bottles of silver jubilee ale by courage which i wish to sell.also 24 bottles of royal wedding by courage if anyone is interested please e-mail me.